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Sunday Night Gaming Sunday

Legacy Constructed today at 6pm. First 10 proxies free. First Place is a Tropical Island!
Entry is $10.00.

Cube Draft today at 6pm. FREE TO ALL!

Open Play all day Sunday!

Feel free to bring any game or play a game from The Mythic Game Library.

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Robotech Tactics Demos on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm


Robotech, the most awesome anime space opera is now a miniatures game!

Which we will be demoing every Tuesday and Thursday at Mythic Games at 6pm!

The figures are great.


Complete with a model for each mode for the transforming mecha.


The game play is fast and very thematic.

Missiles everywhere,


huge explosions,

Minmei singing…


And endless Zentraedi reinforcements!!!


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