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Warhammer Monday Monday

Our Modern Monday Magic tournament! Start time is 6pm; $6 entry.

Open gaming space is also available.

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The Emperor’s Hammer

Battle commences on Sunday April 26th, Noon


As a contest amongst Space Marines, all Chapters are invited to compete for the Emperor’s Hammer, an award for outstanding tactical prowess.
Cost: $5, all entry fees which will fund prizes support.
With preregistration each player can receive 20% off any one item for this list!
Entry is limited to 20 players.

In this event ALL PLAYERS will play the SAME ARMY LIST:

HQ – Space Marine Captain: Power Sword

HQ – Space Marine Librarian: Level 2, Force Sword
Note: the Librarians powers will be set and provided.

Troop – Space Marine Tactical Squad [10 Marines]: Missile Launcher, Flamer, Sergeant: Bolt Pistol and Chain Sword
Rhino – Dozer Blades

Troop – Space Marine Tactical Squad [10 Marines]: Missile Launcher, Flamer, Sergeant: Bolt Pistol and Chain Sword
Rhino – Dozer Blades

Elite – Space Marine Dreadnought: Assault Cannon

Fast Attack – Assault Squad [5 Marines]: Sergeant: Plasma Pistol

Fast Attack – Space Marine Land Speeder:

Heavy Flamer, Multi Melta

Heavy Support – Space Marine Predator:
Las Cannon sponsons

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