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Wednesday Wednesday

Standard Magic: the Gathering tournament starts at 6pm.

Call 831.600.7451 to reserve a spot.

Wednesday is Warhammer Fantasy game night as well.

Open gaming room always available.

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M15 Game Day: August 9th and 10th

Join us for the M15 Game Day on both Saturday August 9th and Sunday August 10th.  Start time for both events is 1pm.

Game Day is a standard tournament; new to standard format? Check out this link,

Entry is $6 with prizes dependent on attendance.

There are 2 promos for the event.

Everyone who attends will receive a full art Reclamation Sage!

The top 8 in each game day tournament will receive a full art foil Chief Engineer.


rec and chief



And, of course, the winner of each event will get the coveted game day Champion playmat.



Mythic Games is the premier place to play Magic: the Gathering, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, Dungeons and Dragons, and other role playing games in Santa Cruz. We have organized tournaments, leagues and events as well as plenty of open game space.
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