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Magic Booster Draft Thursday Thursday

Magic: the Gathering draft every Thursday!

First pod drafts at 6:00pm.

In this draft you keep the cards you draft.
In addition prize support, in the form of booster packs, will be awarded.

Thursday is also our Warhammer 40k Game Night.

Latest Blog Post

Battlemats and Painting Buddha

This month we have two new exciting products for miniature gamers of all kinds.

First we have the a selection of F.A.T. mat gaming mats from Frontline Gaming.

Here are a few examples.mats copy


Next we have the first Set of Painting Buddha painting videos!

You can check out their web site here:

In stock we have the First season

season 1.1 target identified dvd only


Season 1.2 – “Freehands & Banners”, and


Season 1.3 – Base Alchemy 1: Earth.



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