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Friday Night Magic Friday

Eldritch Moon Midnight Prerelease tonight! Space still open.

Friday Night Magic:

6:00pm - rare draft
6:30pm - Commander
7:00pm - Standard

Don't forget that people under 16 play for free in Friday Night Magic Standard tournaments.

Latest Blog Post

Kaladesh Game Day


It’s that time again, a new set was just released into the fold, and now is your opportunity to show off your sick brew, or whoop someone with your net decking skills! Place first and get the sweet Champion playmat pictured above!

As usual we will have two events:

      Saturday, October 22nd @ 1:00 PM


      Sunday, October 23rd @ 1:00 PM

Entry fee: $7.00

Along with the usual prize support we offer, there will be full art promo  handed to each attendee, as well as foil full art promo given to each player who makes the top 8!


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