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Sunday Night Gaming Sunday

Legacy Constructed today at 6pm. First 10 proxies free. After that $.50 each.

Entry is $7.00. Or, if we get 10 or more players entry is $10 and first place prize is an Expedition Windswept Heath!

Cube Draft today at 6pm. FREE TO ALL!

Open Play all day Sunday!

Feel free to bring any game or play a game from The Mythic Game Library.

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Conspiracy 2: Take the Crown


Conspiracy 2

Conspiracy 2: Take the Crown releases this Friday, 8/26! Join us for Conspiracy drafts starting at FNM this week, and pick up your packs and boxes while you’re there!

You can preorder booster boxes for $99.99 through this Thursday, 8/25, after which they’ll go for $109.99.

Relish the end of the reign of Brago, and take the crown to ascend to the empty throne!

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